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Lielā skatuve

Lielā skatuve

Jaak Sooäär,  


Ara Yaralyan,  


Markku Ounaskari,  


Estonian guitarist Jaak Sooäär, Armenian/Estonian double bassist Ara Yaralyan and Finnish drummer Markku Ounaskari established the trio in spring 2016. Since then they have performed in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Estonia and Finland. The music of the trio is mostly focused on melody. The trio also performs Armenian music and some improvisations on themes by J. S. Bach. In a way it can be called a piano trio without a piano as guitar takes here the wide range orchestral role of the piano. The trio released the debut album “A Shooting Star” on German label O-Tone Music in October 2018 and their second album “Goodbye July” was released by the same label on October 2020.


Jaak Sooäär is one of the most active jazz musicians of the Baltics, who has performed with Ray Anderson, Anders Jormin, Han Bennink, Will Calhoun, Dave Liebman and Vladimir Tarasov among others. Ara Yaralyan is know of his work in Kari Ikonen Trio, he has also collaborated with Ingrid Jensen, Vardan Ovsepian and Verneri Pohjola to name a few. The most well-known member of the trio is Markku Ounaskari, who regularly collaborates with artists such as Arve Henriksen, Anders Jormin, Nils Petter Molvaer, Trygve Seim, Markus Stockhausen, Tore Brunborg, Mats Eilertsen and Lena Willemark and appears on several ECM albums.




“Goodbye July” on Spotify:



“A Shooting Star” on Spotify:



Quotes about album “Goodbye July”


“Without raising the decibel count too much, Goodbye July makes a quietly seductive case for the lyricism inherent in a less-is-more approach.”

– Ian Patterson,, 07/02/21

“It’s thoughtful music, executed with aplomb.”

– Daniel Spicer, Jazzwise Feb/2021


Quotes about album “A Shooting Star”


“His new album is a dream, a trio-dream […] Jaak’s theme for “A Shooting Star” is so beautiful one almost wants to cry, his voicings are delicacies, his improvs are statements, arguments and free of any randomness. Sooäär isn’t a shooting star, he’s a fixed star…”

– (Alexander Schmitz, Jazzpodium, 12/2018)



“A recording that fits perfectly into the catalog of Scandinavian masterpieces in the genre.”

– Georges Tonla Briquet,, December 2018

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