The first Saulkrasti Jazz masterclasses took place in 1997 and were organized only for young drummers. The following year the bassists joined.

Since 1999, every year in July, Saulkrasti Jazz offers 6 masterclasses – vocal art, piano, wind instruments, guitar, bass / double bass, percussion / drums .

The idea of masterclasses led by educators and musicians from abroad has been maintained with the aim of giving participants a closer look at the teaching methods abroad. Therefore, every year the team of teachers is from different countries.

Saulkrasti Jazz masterclasses have been led by teachers and musicians from the United States, England, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Gambia, Georgia, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Cameroon, Canada, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Sweden.

During the rapid economic growth in Latvia (2005⁠–⁠2008), the number of participants at Saulkrasti Jazz masterclasses increased to 172! To ensure the quality of the master classes, during these years the participants were divided into groups, taking into account their level of musical skills: Group B – beginners, Group A – with the ability to make music independently. The best jazz music professionals from Latvia – Inga Bērziņa (vocals), Indriķis Veitners (saxophone), Rihards Zaļupe (percussion instruments), Andrejs Jevsjukovs (guitar) were invited as additional pedagogical team. It gave new experience in educating young people to both foreign and Latvian music teachers.

Since 2010, the number of participants in master classes is 70 – 80.

The names of the participants of Saulkrasti Jazz master classes are well known both in Latvia and far beyond its borders – Deniss Paškēvičs, Rihards Zaļupe, Haralds Bondars, Mareks Logins, Pēteris Žīle, Rihards Kolmanis, Sintija Grigorjeva, Linda Kanter, Arta Jēkabsone and many others, many of whom are still studying both in Europe and in the homeland of jazz ­- USA.

Workshop Camp

The participants of the workshop camp live in the recreation complex “Minhauzena Unda”, where accommodation in a tent or hotel is possible, according to everyone’s choice. Meals are 3 times a day. The Main Stage of the Saulkrasti Jazz Festival is also located here.

Masterclasses take place at Zvejniekciems Secondary School and Saulkrasti Culture Center, where students are brought by our bus.

The day is divided into two parts – until lunch participants practice their instruments during the specialty lessons, after lunch they take part in ensemble rehearsals. Masterclasses are held in English. Masterclass teachers divide the participants into ensembles and a closing concert of the camp is prepared, in which all the participants of the camp perform. This concert takes place on the Main Stage of the festival, it is free of charge and open to the public. CAMP PLAN

Every evening the participants of the masterclasses attend the concerts of the festival, which take place on the Main Stage. In addition, each masterclass participant receives two invitations (for family or friends) to the festival concerts.

In the free time students can enjoy beach volleyball, swimming and other activities under the guidance of a teacher.


Participation Fee

We are sorry to inform you, that due to the COVID pandemic and current restrictions, application for the masterclasses is paused.

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There is no age limit for the participants of Workshops. Previous musical experience is desirable, but not required.

If there will be a lot of participants signed up for the specific Workshops, applicants will be divided into two groups according to their previous experience:

  • Group B – musicians, who want to acquire and improve their skill on the selected instrument;
  • Group A – musicians with prior training and experience.

External Student

Price per week


Workshops, concert/s, no accomodation, no meals

Student Stays In Tent

Price per week


Workshops, concert/s, place for a tent, meals max. three times a day

Student in Hotel

Price per week


Workshops, concert/s, bed in hotel room, meals max. 3 times a day

Additional information:

  • External Student with 3 meals a day included – price 200 EUR.
  • External Student with 2 or 1 meal a day included (contact festival administration
  • External Student for 1 day – price 30 EUR.
  • Participant („Student Stays in Tent”) provides everything necessary (sleeping bag, blankets, tent and etc.).
  • There are 2 invitations for all festival events included in the price of Workshops.
Additional invitations for the festival events are not included in one day participation offer.

Please feel free to contact us by our email  if you need any further information.