Laura Amantova Quartet and Rūta Dūduma – Saulkrasti Jazz Festival

Laura Amantova Quartet & Rūta Dūduma

Lauris Amantovs,  


Viktors Ritovs,  


Andris Grunte,  


Artis Orubs,  


Rūta Dūduma - Ķirse ,  


This group unites the very best of Latvian jazz musicians. They have played together since 2003. Their music ranges from popular jazz standards to unique compositions arranged by band members covering a variety of styles like bebop, blues, swing and jazz rock. Their live performance is an enjoyable treat of musicians’ interactions and delight to listen to their each performance as great soloists. In short, they offer the highest quality performance of jazz music, strictly sticking to the styles and traditions.


This Program “Katram sava tautasdziesma ” / (Everybody must have their own folk song) is quite a new and fresh look to Latvian folk songs ,arrangements are made by Lauris Amantovs and Viktors Ritovs.