Syncope 2022 – Saulkrasti Jazz Festival


Alise Kante,  


Āris Ozols,  


Pēteris Liepiņš,  


Atis Andersons,  


Mareks Logins,  


Syncope is representing a genre that uniquely combines jazz, rock and world music. The band is performing their own original music, but alongside transcriptions of many Latvian folk songs and world-known popular pieces have been composed. Syncope has performed at the Saulkrasti Jazz Festival in Latvia, the Miami Beach Jazz Festival in the USA, as well as in various jazz clubs in Latvia and abroad. The band creates a dense, rhythmically syncopated sound within elegant melodies. Syncope has been founded in 2011 and in the fall of the year 2017 the band has released their debut album called. Musicians such as Alice Kante, Denis Pashkevichs and many others also have participated in “Focus” recordings.