Workshops – Saulkrasti Jazz Festival


The first Saulkrasti Jazz masterclasses took place in 1997 and were organized only for young drummers. The following year the bassists joined.

Since 1999, every year in July, Saulkrasti Jazz offers 6 masterclasses – vocal art, piano, wind instruments, guitar, bass / double bass, percussion / drums .

The idea of masterclasses led by educators and musicians from abroad has been maintained with the aim of giving participants a closer look at the teaching methods abroad. Therefore, every year the team of teachers is from different countries.

Saulkrasti Jazz masterclasses have been led by teachers and musicians from the United States, England, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Gambia, Georgia, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Cameroon, Canada, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Sweden.

During the rapid economic growth in Latvia (2005⁠–⁠2008), the number of participants at Saulkrasti Jazz masterclasses increased to 172! To ensure the quality of the master classes, during these years the participants were divided into groups, taking into account their level of musical skills: Group B – beginners, Group A – with the ability to make music independently. The best jazz music professionals from Latvia – Inga Bērziņa (vocals), Indriķis Veitners (saxophone), Rihards Zaļupe (percussion instruments), Andrejs Jevsjukovs (guitar) were invited as additional pedagogical team. It gave new experience in educating young people to both foreign and Latvian music teachers.

Since 2010, the number of participants in master classes is 70 – 80.

The names of the participants of Saulkrasti Jazz master classes are well known both in Latvia and far beyond its borders – Deniss Paškēvičs, Rihards Zaļupe, Haralds Bondars, Mareks Logins, Pēteris Žīle, Rihards Kolmanis, Sintija Grigorjeva, Linda Kanter, Arta Jēkabsone and many others, many of whom are still studying both in Europe and in the homeland of jazz ­- USA.

Workshop Camp

The day is divided into two parts.

In the morning there are classes in the specialty, in the afternoon – ensemble rehearsals.

The language of the lessons is Latvian.

The pedagogues of the master classes create ensembles from the participants, and a concert of the camp participants is being prepared, in which all the participants of the master classes will perform.

The concert of the camp participants takes place on the festival’s Great Stage, on the stage of the city of Saulkrasti.

Jam Session every night for campers!


Additional information

  • Age of the participant 12 – 20 years old
  • The participant takes care of all the necessary for sleeping (blanket, pillow,
    sleeping bag etc.)
  • The participant receives two invitations (for family or friends) to the
    festival concerts.

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Master classes; living in a hotel; meals 3 x a day; two Invitations for parents to the festival concerts on the Saulkrasti stage.



Master classes; living in a tent; meals 3x a day; two invitations for parents to the festival concerts on the Saulkrasti stage.



Master classes; two invitations to the festival concerts on the Saulkrasti stage.

The participation fee, not less than 50%, must be paid to the account below within two weeks after sending the Application Form. The balance must be paid when registering at the camp on 17.07.2023. 9:00 – 12:00, Saulkrasti, Munchausen Unda.